Who are we ?

Haiti Jazz Foundation: Nonprofit organization, producer, for the past 10 years of the Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival

Ayiti Mizik: Association of Haitian music professionals founded in 2010 ayitimizik

Kanzo Mizik: Young Haitian publishing and music production company


The list of the beneficiaries is available upon request.

Support of the music community in 2010:  Following the earthquake of January 2010, the Haiti Jazz Foundation, who was in the midst of implementing the 4th edition of the Festival, joined forces with FOKAL and Caracoli to offer a support fund for 45 professionals from the music industry affected by the disaster. An allowance of $ 170 was given to them every month for 3 months.

Thank you for your generosity!

 Why donate all year round ?

  • To participate in the sustainability of the PAPJAZZ: the Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival, the only annual music festival in Port-au-Prince
  • To encourage further training activities carried out by the Haiti Jazz Foundation participating in the emergence of a new generation of talented musicians
  • To stimulate the creation and exchange between musicians from Haiti and abroad
  • In order for the PAPJAZZ to continue offering jazz music to its fans
  • To participate in the enhancement, promotion and diffusion of Kreyol Jazz in Haiti and abroad
  • To help out this a cultural activity that you are happy to come back to every year and watching it grow year after year.
  • To support the Haiti Jazz Foundation, Haitian-based non-profit organization, which will provide you with a tax deductible receipt even if you are based in the United States, thanks to the Haiti Jazz Foundation Inc. a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization.