BélO (Haiti)

A committed artist at PAPJAZZ

Author, composer, guitar player and singer, BélO is a multi-prize recipient, including the prestigious Prix Découvertes RFI 2006. His musical style named ‘’ragganga’’ combines reggae, ragga, blues, jazz and traditional voodoo and rara rhythms. He writes in creole and creates rich and vivid songs. BélO is a sensitive messenger who’s melodies touches crowds in Haiti, Nord America, Africa, Europe and recently Brazil. BélO has already released 3 albums, Lakou Trankil, Référence, and Haiti Debout. He is a committed musician who communicates strong and deep social messages. He is also an ambassador fighting for the cause of people with disabilities with SEPH, Goodwill ambassador for Haitian culture, sponsor of the ‘Espoir pour Haiti’ association, and a contributor at UNICEF Haiti, VDH (Volontaires pour le développement d’Haïti) and the Haitian Red Cross.

Come and groove to BélO in an exciting atmosphere !

January 23 @ 20:30

8:30 pm

– 9:30 pm


Université Quisqueya