Boukman Eksperyans (Haiti)

Boukman Eksperyans “Rasin”

Boukman Eksperyans is one of the main « Rasin » bands, a movement that calls for a return of Haitians to their African roots. It was formed by « Lòlò » Beaubrun Jr and his wife « Manzè » in 1978. Their topics are often about political freedom, nationalism and faith. Musically speaking, electric guitars and synths blend with drums and bamboos ; rock, reggae, funk and R&B sounds intertwine with the traditional rhythms of Haitian peasant (rara, voodoo). It’s one of the most celebrated Haitian bands abroad.

January 22 @ 20:00

8:00 pm

– 9:00 pm


Université Quisqueya