Workshop – Sonny Troupé (Guadeloupe)

Fusion Gwo Ka and Jazz, kreyol jazz made in Guadeloupe

Based on the traditional and modern Gwo ka (percussion, song and dance of Guadeloupe), Sonny Troupé, composer, drummer & percussionist from Guadeloupe, develops a new musical concept.  The Gwo Ka, is confronted here with electro, metal and jazz music. After having released in 2015 the album “Luminescence” a duo with pianist Grégory Privat, this new opus “Dense Reflections” is the result of his experiences in the Caribbean, Africa, the US, and Europe performing with Kenny Garrett, Lisa Simone, Daby Touré, Jacques Schwarz Bart, Christian Washo, Stéphane Mausmond, etc.) and his continuous research on the Gwo ka. The sextet is composed of Raphael Philibert, alto saxophone, Thomas Koenig, tenor Sax, Grégory Privat, Piano, sample, vocals Mike Armoogum, bass, vocals, Olivier Juste, Drum ka, vocals & chacha and Sonny Troupé-drums, vocals, drum ka & sampler.

Sonny Troupé will honor the Kreyol Jazz at this 13th edition!

January 19 @ 11:30

11:30 am

– 12:30 pm


Centre culturel brésilien