Claude Carré and his project JAzZEN Desounen

JAzZEN Desounen, Claude Carré’s new project at the PAPJAZZ

Guitarist, professor and does research in musicology, Claude Carré is a jazz specialist and defender of Kreyol jazz in Haiti. He studied jazz in the United States and Martinique then performed on international stages in the US and Japan. Claude Carré enjoys the trio formula, his recent project JAzZEN Desounen is a collaboration with Kerby François and Jude Davens Texier. A few years ago, Claude created the Haiti Jazz Club in which he initiated and trained most of the young guitarists present on the jazz scene in Haiti.

The PAPJAZZ is pleased to welcome Claude Carré and his project.

January 25 @ 19:00

7:00 pm

– 8:00 pm


Institut Français