Mike del Ferro & Mushy Widmaier (Netherlands/Haiti)

The Mike del Ferro and Mushy Widmaier duo, an original creation for PAPJAZZ

Originally from Amsterdam, the virtuoso pianist Mike del Ferro has traveled to more than 115 countries collaborating with musicians from all backgrounds and diverse cultures. In 1989 he got first place in the Rotterdam Jazz Piano Competition and won the Soloist award in the Europe Jazz Contest in Brussels. He no longer needs to prove his skills as a soloist, arranger nor accompanist. He collaborated with multiple renown artists such as Brandford Marsalis, Jack DeJohnette, Toots Thielemans, Candy Dulfer, ErikTruffaz and even Scott Hamilton and is featured on more than 20 albums. He has recorded 5 solo albums in collaboration with musicians worldwide who all got nominated at the Edison, Dutch Grammy Award.

Self taught pianist, Mushy Widmaier is one of the best jazz pianists in the Caribbean. His ability to create ambiances and to develop a unique type of Kreyol jazz is what characterizes his style. The serenity and maturity acquired during the making of his albums ‘Kote’ou’ and  ‘My World’ have allowed him to extend his musical language.

Two pianists from totally different worlds will merge their two styles during their unique performance.

January 23 @ 19:30

7:30 pm

– 8:30 pm


Université Quisqueya