Yilian Canizares feat. Paul Beaubrun (Switzerland/Cuba/Haiti)

Yilian Canizares is back at PAPJAZZ with her new project titled ERZULIE

Inspired by her experience at PAPJAZZ 2017 and her encounters with local musicians, Yilian Canirazes returns for a PAPJAZZ 14th edition with her new album ERZULIE released in November 2019. Singer and violinist, she takes from her Cuban heritage a wild rhythm and energy. She hops from les Nocturnes by Chopin to sounds inspired by Chucho Valéz or to spiritual forces from Santeria ceremonies. Known as Erzulie in Haiti or Oshun in Cuba, the energy from this goddess allowed her to dig deep into her heritage and rediscover the black woman in her. ERZULIE is an album that embraces the culture of her ancestors, the African heritage through their children, all this seen through a modern lens.

Yilian Canizares will invite Paul Beaubrun to join her on stage, a magical moment at the PAPJAZZ.A magical moment at PAPJAZZ.

January 18 @ 19:00

7:00 pm

– 8:00 pm


Karibe Hotel