Ray Lema & Laurent de Wilde (Congo/France)

An exceptional duo at the PAPJAZZ

Ray Lema and Laurent de Wilde have known each other for 30 years. All in nuances but with a communicative energy, they find themselves on stage to interpret “riddles”, a pleasing dialogue with four hands that gives body and soul to a fusion jazz. Ray Lema, a Congolese pianist, has just celebrated his 70 years and continues to display a trajectory of brilliant richness. Curious about everything, he traveled the World and opened his culture to the thousand winds of world music. Laurent de Wilde, who has been featured at the PAPJAZZ in 2016 began his career as a jazz pianist and has since then multiplied the musical experiments: Electro, Slam, Reggae, successfully twisting his instrument every time with a communicative energy. This two-piano project, an incredible experience in which they both instill their musical journeys, is written by the two men with a glass-blower patience. The result are pieces in which they express their joy of playing together, of knitting rhythms and melodies with a thousand unforeseen colors.

A unique duo, a unique concert at the Triomphe Theatre for this 13th edition.

January 24 @ 20:00

8:00 pm

– 9:00 pm