Workshop – Yogev Shetrit Trio (Israel)

Jazz from Middle East

Professional drummer, performer, composer, Yogev “yogi” Shetrit stablished his band in 2015, with the goal of playing his own compositions. In September 2016, he launched the album titled “New Path”. Since then the Yogev Shetrit trio has been performing across Israel and has toured all over the world. The “New Path” project contains instrumental pieces composed, arranged and produced by Shetrit, who plays drums and percussion. He elegantly fuses traditional North African music, Gnawa, Andalusian music from his Moroccan heritage, along with contemporary jazz, Jewish and Mediterranean music. His funk and Drum & Bass influences are also evident on some of the tracks. Shetrit also recorded and performed with many known artists including Chuchito Valdez, Paulo Morello, Tia Fuller, Kevin Mahogany and others.

The PAPJAZZ is pleased to welcome for the first time musicians from Israel.


January 21 @ 10:00

10:00 am

– 11:00 am