Qui sommes nous?

About Us

The Haiti Jazz Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in March 2007 in order to:

  • Promote musical activities around country, especially through the annual Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival,
  • Provide access to continuing professional music education in Haiti,
  • Preserve Haiti’s musical heritage,
  • Serve as a platform for the diffusion, evolution, and promotion of kreyòl jazz in Haiti and abroad.


The Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival

Since 2007, in mid January every year, the Haiti Jazz Foundation hosts the Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival.


  • 8  days of music
  • Jazz from all over the world
  • 42 concerts (29 free concerts)
  • 12 venues
  • 8 after-hours
  • 18 artists from Haiti and the diaspora
  • 16 guest countries
  • 15 free workshops and conferences 
  • Over 20,000 festival goers

The Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival, a non-profit event, features an unprecedented cultural assembly to a local and international audience and is one of the best example of successful partnership between the international community via embassies of Belgium, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Spain, Switzerland and the United States of America, the public sector through Haitian Ministry of Culture and Tourism and local private institutions and sponsors such as Prestige (Heineken), Rhum Barbancourt, Sogebank, Mercedes-Benz, Air France and Delta.

The Haiti Jazz Foundation manages the steering organization committee (Embassies, ministries, private sector representatives) in order to administrate the logistics for the bands, scheduling and booking of concerts and venues, as well a marketing and communications for the event.

Come and discover the magic of Haiti through the PAPJAZZ !



Members of the board of Haiti Jazz Foundation

Joël Widmaier, President. Production manager of Radio Metropole, composer of over 70 jingles, producer, artistic director, editor, Radio France International award recipient … for over 20 years, Joël Widmaier is above all a sound lover. During his broadcasting and sound engineering studies in the States, he starts to compose the first Zèklè tracks, band that he has created in 1981, which after 4 LP has greatly participated in the evolution of Haitian music. Today, Joel’s mission through Haiti Jazz Foundation is to be a driving force for the evolution and promotion of kreol jazz in Haiti and abroad.

Fabrice Rouzier, Vice President. Composer, producer, founder of Mizik Mizik band. Rouzier has produced many artists such as Wanito, TiFane, Jean Bernard Thomas, the two Haïti Troubadour LP and has collaborated with Tabou Combo.

Milena Sandler, General Manager. Expert in cultural project management, she is also Vice-President of Ayiti Mizik, Haitian association of music professionals and co-owner and manager Wellcom’ a PR and event planning agency.

Raoul Denis Jr., Member. Author/composer, keyboardist,cello player and music teacher, Raoul Denis has managed INAMUH the National Music School for two years.