Haitian All Jazz Stars

HAJS2Haitian All Jazz Stars

Take the best musicians on the Haitian jazz scene, place them together on the stage for the opening night of the Xth PAPJAZZ, and you’ll have a hint of the surprise that the Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival team has in store for you! Those 6 talented musicians teamed up under the name of Haitian All Jazz Stars will set the Parc Historique de la Canne à Sucre on fire. Not to be missed, for the first time together: the extraordinary sax player Godwin Louis , a graduate of the prestigious Thelonious Monk Institute for Jazz Performance, percussionist Obed Calvaire who has already recorded with Wynton Marsalis, trumpet player Jean Caze, who got the International Trumpet Guild Jazz Competition award in 2006, Mushy Widmaier, one of the best jazz pianists in the Caribbean, Johnathan Michel, the most sought after bass player on the Creole Jazz scene of New York, and Pauline Jean, whose contralto vocal range reflects all the creativity inherent to Creole Jazz. For this unique occasion, the Haitian All Jazz Stars invite Reginald Policard, the famous pianist known for his great sensitivity and versatility, Johnbern Thomas, a young prodigy of the new Haitian generation, Joël Widmaier, the legendary singer and percussionist, and Junior Metellus, the most promising of our home-grown jazz guitarists.
Featuring: Pauline Jean, Jean Caze, Obed Calvaire, Godwin Louis, Mushy Widmaier, Jonathan Michel

Artistes invités : Réginald Policard, Joel Widmaier, John Bern Thomas, Junior Metellus