Wespè pou Ayiti


Wèspè pou Ayiti

“Wèspè pou Ayiti” is the story of an unlikely and awfully convincing encounter that expresses musically a strong feeling of solidarity and respect for the Haitian people (…) Created in 2011 in Saint Lucia (…), the “Wèspè pou Ayiti” project was imagined and carried out by three Caribbean musicians: Richard Payne, a pianist from Saint Lucia, Sonny Troupé, a Guadeloupian drummer, and Jean Caze, Haitian trumpeter (…). The result is exciting.
I call for this groovy, original and festive creation to quickly gain support with “metropolitan” jazz festivals organizers. I can ensure them that they’ll meet instant success with their audiences, thanks to the lush and generous Afro-Caribbean music happily performed by this very close-knit band. A word to the wise…” -Pascal Anquetil
– Jazz Mag