Omar Sosa & Erol Josué (Cuba/Haïti)

ErolJosue-OmarSosa-PapJazzHaitiOn the borders of ancestral and post-modernism, Omar Sosa & Erol Josué: a bridge between the minds of the Cuban Santeria and those of the Haitian voodoo, driven by the two most rooted and most visionary artists of the genre.
Born in Cuba in 1965, Omar Sosa was influenced both by classical music and by the African heritage present in Cuban music. Sosa’s music unites Africa with Latin Jazz and Hip Hop. It’s one of those rare artists whose talent for piano is close to that of Chick Corea or Chucho Valdes.
Ben Ratliff, New York Times Erol Josué is a complete Haitian artist, a magnetic and stereotype buster. Voodoo priest, actor and dancer, he is like the voodoo spirits that inhabit him, a strange telescoping of time and geographies.