Alex Jacquemin feat. Denis Belyakov (France/Russia)

AL JAQ (Alex Jacquemin), rich and versatile jazz fusion

AL JAQ is a Franco-American jazz fusion guitarist with a penchant for originality, audacity and challenge. Born in Paris, he didn’t pick up his first guitar until the age of 16, but worked on mastering the instrument with such discipline that he was already teaching  4 years later.  Al JAQ attended the CMCN, a French school of modern music, which gave him his basics in jazz and then continued his training at Berklee College of Music. A versatile musician, he then returned to France and immediately established himself on the Paris jazz scene, also touring throughout Europe. In 2007, he returned to the United States to perfect his style and find his own “sound” with blues-rock influences from Jeff Beck and Pat Metheny. His new album, Planatarization, is a bewitching and melodious entry point into the 360-degree universe of the jazz fusion guitarist. He is accompanied on stage by Russian saxophonist Denis Beliakof and Johnbern Thomas on the drums.

January 22 @ 09:00

9:00 am

– 10:00 am


Centre d’Art