Beethova Obas (Haiti)

Beethova Obas’s story is like a fairy tale full of twists and turns. His father, the artist Charles Obas, disappeared when he was five, turning his life upside down. Beethova found refuge in a guitar found in his father’s workshop. He became famous after winning the American Airlines competition in 1988, followed by the RFI prize the same year.

His album “Si…” catapulted him to international stardom, making him known the world over. He created a unique style, “CUBHABRA,” a blend of Brazilian, Cuban and Haitian influences.

Over the years, Beethova has continued to create an engaging style of music, tackling themes such as injustice and love. Her latest album, her 7th, entitled “Bon Bagay”, encourages us to rediscover our self-confidence, even in difficult times.

PAPJAZZ is delighted to welcome back one of its finest ambassadors, Beethova Obas!

January 25 @ 18:00

6:00 pm

– 7:00 pm


Karibe Hotel