Benin International Musical (Benin)

Benin International musical – back to the roots

BIM is a tribute to the music of the ancestors of Dahomey. It reflects both the traditional ceremonies and the trendy clubs of Cotonou, through the evangelical churches and convents where the voodoo spirits are implored. Combining the voodoo rhythms with traditional songs, electric melodies adding the special Benin flavor mixed with well spiced Groove Trip pop, hip hop and Rock, this collective of artists is a trip. Initiated by Hervé Riesen of Radio France, BIM is a musical and radio project. Jérôme Ettinger, producer, director and artistic director of Togezer Productions is also a composer, who recorded their debut album.

The Benin International Musical is composed of 7 musicians and singers, and it will make you move!

January 25 @ 20:00

8:00 pm

– 9:00 pm


Place Boyer