Cyrille Aimée (France)

For 62nd Grammy-nominated artist Cyrille Aimée, improvisation isn’t just a vocal technique, it’s a way of life. The Franco-Dominican singer, a rising star among female jazz singers (according to the New York Times), will start out singing in the streets of Europe, then go on to perform for audiences at the world’s most prestigious jazz festivals; from the intimacy of singing by the fireside in the gypsy camps of her native France to playing on Broadway; from confronting the most formidable of audiences, such as that of New York’s famed Apollo Theatre, to being recognized today by the New York Times as “a rising star in the galaxy of female jazz singers”. Among her many awards, she won the International Vocal Jazz Competition at the Montreux Festival, as well as the Sarah Vaughan International Vocal Competition. Her most recent album, “Live”, closes a chapter in her career with her innovative and brilliant guitar duo.  She shares her experience and her story through Master classes and a Tedx presentation, most recently at the World Affairs Conference.

A wonderful discovery for PAPJAZZ that we’re delighted to share with our audience!

January 26 @ 18:00

6:00 pm

– 7:00 pm


Karibe Hotel