DAM’NCO (France)

Dam’nco, Groove and Jazzy Funk at the closing

Dam’nco has been created in 2015 by Damien Schmitt the drummer/singer and leader of the band along with his longtime friends. Together they record the album “From Paris with love” at the end of 2016. The album is inspired by the atmosphere of Parisian neighborhoods and translates into an eclectic musical universe: Funk, Metal, Waltz, Mazurka, HipHop or Afro/Funk. Some of their videos reached 450,000 views on Facebook. Dam’nco then tours in Europe and the West Indies. In the same vein, “French touch” the second opus of the ensemble comes out in March 2018. On stage the groove is delivered by the bassist Swaéli Mbappé, Yann Negrit on guitar, Michael Lecoq on the keyboard, Nicholas Vella on the keyboard and of course Damien Schmitt at the talkBox and the drums.

Dam’nco a band full of surprises and groove, not to be missed!

January 26 @ 20:00

8:00 pm

– 9:00 pm


Karibe Hotel