Encuentro (Cuba/Haiti)

A unique CUBA-HAITI fusion around two exceptional pianists!

On one side the famous Haitian pianist Reginald Policard, on the other side the equally talented Cuban pianist, Alejandro Falcón, gathered on the same stage with their musicians.

Alejandro Falcón is a composer, arranger and producer. Leader of the Cubadentro jazz-project for the past 10 years, he has fused with talent all the genres of Cuban and Latin music, in particular danzòn, Afro-Cuban rhythms and jazz.

A versatile pianist and composer, Réginald Policard is the founder of the famous Caribbean Sextet. He evolved through different styles from konpa to jazz or Latin jazz, before moving on to smooth kreyol jazz. The “Encuentro” project was born in 2019, as a creative jam session between exceptional musicians from all over the Caribbean.

The PAP JAZZ 2020 hosts the first version of this “assemblage” of tones and cultures under a single Caribbean banner. It was Philippe Bayard, President of Sunrise Airways, who conceived the idea of this Caribbean merger, in direct line with his vision of the Caribbean, which he wants to see become, as his company’s slogan indicates, “One Caribbean”, “A Caribbean”, both multiple and unique.

January 21 @ 19:00

7:00 pm

– 8:00 pm


Université Quisqueya