Erol Josué (Haiti)

Erol Josué, Haitian traditional songs revisited

A talented singer, dancer and composer, Erol Josué is the embodiment of vodou music, not only through his recordings, but also through his live performances in Haiti and abroad. His sound is a blend of traditional rhythms and melodies and contemporary sounds, and his songs tackle spiritual, social and political themes. His second album, Pèlerinaj, released in 2023, tells the story of his own pilgrimage.  Produced mainly by Charles Czarnacki, its 18 tracks blend sacred chants and traditional rhythms such as dogo, noki and fla voudoun with funk, jazz, rock and electronica. A highlight of Haitian traditional music.

PAPJAZZ is proud to welcome Erol José, a 2nd time!

January 27 @ 17:00

5:00 pm

– 6:00 pm


Karibe Hotel