Joel Akoustik feat Badio (Haiti)

Joel Akoustik feat Badio at QL on the 28th

Joël Pierrevil aka Joël Akoustik, was born in Port-au-Prince. His fascination with music led him to master the guitar with the invaluable help of the Zamy family. The first melodies he composed emerged on the playground of the Saint-Louis de Gonzague school, where he enriched his vocal talent in the Sacré-Cœur/Saint-Louis choir. At 19, Joël plunged into the world of jazz, crossing paths with eminent artists such as Hans Peters, the Widmaier brothers, Fabrice Rouzier and Keke Bélizaire. He perfected his vocal art by taking classes with Fabienne Denis. In 2014, he founded Akoustik The Band alongside his accomplices Elder C and Jeune Joseph, fusing pop, reggae/dancehall, ska, jazz, roots and funk genres. In summer 2017 he immersed himself in songwriting and composition. The culmination of his talent is expressed in Akoustik The Band’s debut album, unveiled in late 2019. Joël Akoustik, a tireless musical craftsman, continues to refine his art and share his musicality with passion.

Mario Pandache, also known as Badio, is a rapper and actor. Active on the music scene since 2019, he regularly performs alongside artists such as Paul Beaubrun, Kabysh, the Boukman Eksperyans group and the Gwolobo collective.


January 28 @ 19:00

7:00 pm

– 8:00 pm


Quartin Latin