Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr (Germany)

A refined German duo

As a teenager, Julian Wasserfuhr was already considered as the greatest and most talented German trumpet player since Till Brönner. With his brother Roman at the piano, they make an inseparable pair. Their complicity gives their music a simple and subtle character. On the trumpet or the bugle, Julian creates very distinctive soundscapes that are brilliantly accentuated by the musical approach of his brother Roman at the piano which results from a mature and lofty sound. They have performed with well-known jazzmen like Nils Landgren or Lars Danielsson. After four successful albums, they are now among the most famous jazz musicians in Germany. With their fifth album (2017), “Landed in Brooklyn”, the duo lands in NYC the international hotspot of jazz giving a new dimension to their music.

An amazing duo to discover at the PAPJAZZ.

January 23 @ 18:00

6:00 pm

– 7:00 pm


Université Quisqueya