KAI (Haiti)

Richard Cavé, an icon of the new konpa generation

Songwriter, singer and keyboardist Richard Cavé comes from a family that has always been close to the arts. His career spans more than 20 years, and since 2001 he has been a founding member of CaRiMi, the famous Haitian group that brought a more pop flavor to konpa while retaining much of its typical form and sound.  In 2028, Richard Cavé launched his new group KAI, which is now one of konpa’s most prominent groups. He has also produced tracks for King Posse and Zin, and made many collaborations with artists of his generation, not to mention his excellent mastery of digital platforms.

PAPJAZZ is delighted to close this year’s edition with a sound from lakay!

January 28 @ 19:00

7:00 pm

– 8:00 pm


Karibe Hotel