Ruy Lopez-Nussa (Cuba)

Ruy Lopez-Nussa, Afro-Cuban jazz the way we like it!

Ruy Lopez-Nussa is what you might call a “pure” musician. Son of a renowned Cuban drummer and nephew of one of the Caribbean island’s finest jazz pianists, he is also the brother and essential sideman of pianist Harold Lopez-Nussa, himself a rising star on the Cuban jazz scene. Ruy Lopez-Nussa’s playing and music draw energy and creativity from the roots of Afro-Cuban tradition as much as from contemporary jazz. Accompanied by a fine team of musicians, he will reveal the secrets of the Cuban groove recipe…

PAPJAZZ is proud to offer you this sextet that’s on the move!

January 27 @ 18:00

6:00 pm

– 7:00 pm


Karibe Hotel